What is PayDayPro's XactPAY?
XactPAY is The Hartford's integrated payment service that calculates insurance premiums for a Hartford Workers' Compensation policy which amount is then withdrawn directly from your bank account every time you run payroll. XactPAY offers a unique and hassle free approach to paying for Workers' Compensation insurance. Rather than paying for insurance up to a year in advance and tying up vital cash, premiums are paid as you go one payroll period at a time! How Does It Work?

  1. Apply for Workers' Compensation Insurance through PayDayPro. If you meet The Hartford's underwriting guidelines and you accept our offer to provide Workers' Compensation coverage, you can begin using the XactPAY service.
  2. Each time you run your payroll, PayDayPro sends your payroll data to The Hartford. XactPAY then calculates the Workers' Compensation premium for that payroll period based on the payroll processed.
  3. If you elect, The Hartford will provide notice to you of the amount and timing of each expected withdrawal from your bank account.
  4. The Hartford draws the premium payment for your Workers' Compensation policy from your account based on your actual payroll data for the applicable period.
  5. A detailed summary of payroll entered and premium collected will be available to you on our secure website.   Sample Report

Your small business must:

  • Run payrolls on a regular, consistent basis (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) through PayDayPro
  • Have a checking account with EFT capabilities 

Call 817-849-1144 for more information.