Employee turnover in most industries is common place, but now you can find and bring on great, new talent faster, easier and for substantially less cost. With My Recruiting Center, our paperless hiring and onboarding solution, you’ll receive a job template library, one-click advertising on a variety of job boards, applicant tracking, and the ability to electronically sign and store documents. Applicants can be E-Verified, background checked and screened for tax credit opportunities, potentially saving your company thousands. You’ll also reduce laborious data entry, associated key-punch errors, and costly non-compliance issues. If you’re ready, we’re all set – PayEntry Onboarding!

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What Customers Say

  • “PayEntry Onbarding brought our costs per hire down from $750.00 to $300.00”

    Curtis Lyons Owner  |  Roger Brown’s and The Cove Tavern
  • “Just the paper and printing costs associated with hiring were equating to $4-5,000 per store. Thanks to PayEntry Onboarding, that’s money we’re saving.”

    Wayne West Director of HR  |  Whisknladle Hospitality

Product Features

  Advertise a job
  • Job templates
  • Applicant tracking
  • Tax credit screening
  • Job advertising
  • Applicant screening
  • Background screening
  Paperless onboarding
  • E-verify
  • Federal W-4 and I-9 forms
  • Tax credit forms
  • Signed offer letters
  • Benefits enrollment
  • EEOC data
  • Direct deposit enrollment
  • Other signed documents
  Full-Service Recruiting
  • Job descriptions created for you
  • Jobs advertised for you
  • Candidates submitted to your Inbox
  • 24/7 automated help
  • GetSatisfaction forum
  • Live, bilingual support, 7 days a week
  • Toll-free phone support


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